The Lost Reels of PANCHO VILLA

Directed by Gregorio Rocha. (2003, 49 min.)

Intrigued by the legendary Mexican military leader Pancho Villa’s little-known relationship with Hollywood, filmmaker and sleuth Gregorio Rocha goes on a search for lost footage that Villa commissioned from the American Mutual Film Company in 1914, allowing cameramen to follow him into war.

The footage includes some of the first battle scenes captured in “moving pictures.” Rocha documents his encounters as he scours the film vaults and back rooms of institutions across North America and Europe for the seven reels of film that immortalized Villa.

First Prize/Jury’s Choice, Black Maria Film & Video Festival; screened at the Documentary Fortnight at the Museum of Modern Art.

“One of the strongest documentaries to come out of Latin American Cinema in the last few years.”


Saturday, April 1

8:15 PM

Market Street Cinema, Little Rock, Arkansas.

$7, $5 Adults 55 &

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