The Razorbacks start pre-season football training

Chad Morris will eyes on Easter Ilinois on September 1st.  


By: Carlos Chicas

Photos: Crant Osborne


Razorbacks began their preseason football training in  the new era of Chad Morris.  While Hogs football squad has suffered in recent years, there are certain things that can not be forgotten, and that is the past, which remains a shadow for every new coach.


The dream of winning the Southeast conference championship remains the same. The last time that Arkansas had the opportunity to do it, the hopes vanished in that ball that Fish received and that ended up slipping and losing posetion of the ovoid so that Arkansas was left with that bitter flavor.

Three coaches have gone through Fayetteville, and the triplet said the same, we want to win the SEC championship and aspire to the national championship. Chad Morris has it clear, it will not be easy, but the mental, physical, and tactical changes dictate that it could be a very good season for Arkansas.

This week began the first practices and Chad Morris answered each question and doubts that the media had, but what is clear is that this team is much better than it was yesterday. ” I continued saying the same, if we learn to train well, we will play well. In the last two practices there was much enthusiasm in the boys. We are aware that there is a long way to go. Next week we will continue to adjust to our plan, on Wednesday and Thursday we will begin to use protection and will some physical contact to prepare for Saturday scrimmage. One of the guys that impressed me is Joe Fouche, he does not get intimidated, plays and runs very well and I am satisfied with this player. In the position of quarterbacks, both players have assimilated the bookplay. I’ve seen a lot of video of them before they joined the team. I am very happy with what they have done in the first days. They are still missing, they will continue learning and I think that on Friday they did very well throwing the ball. I still do not know when I will announce who will be the starting quarterback. ” Arkansas head coach Chad Morris concluded.


Arkansas will have two Latinos this season, Santos Ramirez and Chris Lopez. Lopez played for Rogers High School and he was not available to the media because of Morris’ new rule that freshaman will not be available to the media until they can prove that they can contribute to the team.  Chris Lopez during his time at Rogers played for Shawn Flannigan, who is now part of the coaching staff of the Fayetteville football team and said “when Chris came out for football at Rogers he he was not the best kicker when he starte. He got hooked up with coach Logan and worked tirelessly year around to improve his leg strength and kicking skills. I am not surprised that hes found his way onto the Arkansas roster.”  Santos Ramírez is the second Latino to be part of the Razorbacks squad, and he is very happy so far of everything that has been achieved and said “Today I am a man who has a purpose and an objective, I have seen everything we have done in this years and I promise that we will be able to go to a collegiate bowl. We are going to play faster, and we are adjusting to this new offense that will be very effective in the SEC.   Arkansas opens to Eastern Illinois on September 1st at 3:00 PM at Donald W. Reynolds Stadium





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