Tigers offense was impossible to hold inside Donald W. Reynolds Stadium

Auburn humiliates the Razorbacks at home 51-10.

By: Carlos Chicas & Oscar Escobar
Photos: Crant Osborne

Arkansas could not hold the attack of Auburn and from the first possession, The Tigers showed to fans that arrived at Donald W. Reynolds Stadium that it would be a very long day for the Razorbacks football team.

In the first minutes of the first quarter of the game, Auburn knew how to take advantage of the opportunities and put the Hogs in trouble by a score of 14-0.

Arkansas wanted to surprise the opponent with a fake kick but did not accomplished anything. Fortunately for the Jabalis, the Tigers did not score the field goal.

During press conference, Head Coach Chad Morris spoke of the decision to keep quarteback Ben Hicks throughout the whole game. “When it got late in the game like that, it wasn’t fair to any of those other guys to go in in that moment. I felt all week long as we got through the week, the understanding of the protections, I was very comfortable with Ben. I never felt like the wheels actually came off, that never crossed my mind. I felt like our guys continued to play extremely hard. We gave up some big plays and we made some substitutions there at the end to try and get some young guys in on the defensive side of the ball and they were able to crease one on us. Not the results we wanted and definitely not the way we wanted to finish that game.” Chad Morris concluded.

Ben Hicks also had the opportunity to speak with the press about his performance before Auburn and to have been able to finish the game as a starter. “Yeah, I’m fine. I thought I played ok, made some good throws. We tried to sustain some drives and we were able to do that on a couple drives. But obviously, the way we started, it wasn’t good enough. We had a turnover on the third play of the game, and then two three-and-outs. We put our defense in a really tough spot, so that was disappointing, but you have to tip your cap to Auburn’s defense. They played really well. They are a really good defense and they played like it today.” Ben Hicks said.

Arkansas ended up losing 51-10 to Auburn, and things do not get easy for next weekend. The Razorbacks will face Alabama, and although there are miracles, I think will not be the Saturday indicated for one to happen.