Top Tips For Selling A Green Home

Many home trends from 2019 will likely continue into the new decade, but one you can be sure to see in 2020 is the eco-friendly home. Green homes are more popular than ever, but they can still be difficult to sell to the average home buyer. Use these tips when attempting to sell a green home to make the special features more appealing to the most buyers possible.

Emphasize Energy Savings

One of the most appealing elements of a green or eco-friendly home is the energy savings involved. Eco-friendly homes are designed to use as little energy as possible, especially when it comes to heating and cooling the space. This means better appliances, utilities, and often insulation. After all, a well-insulated home will cost 30% less to cool than one with inferior insulation. Some green homes even use a combination of construction materials, positioning, and passive solar design to need almost no additional heating or cooling. Be sure to emphasize the importance of energy savings to potential buyers and draw attention to this crucial aspect in your listing or advertising.

Show Off Quality Materials

Eco-friendly homes, more so than average homes, make use of high-quality materials in their construction. Higher quality materials require less frequent replacement than cheaper alternatives, meaning they have a reduced impact on the environment. Additionally, using better, sturdier materials can improve insulation, making for a more efficient home all around. For example, research has shown that brick effectively lowers heating and cooling costs by as much as 8%. When showing your home to potential buyers, be sure to point out all of the high-quality materials used in your home.

Remember Recycling And Repurposing

For some buyers, the high-quality materials won’t be nearly as impressive or important as recycled materials. Many environmentally-focused buyers look specifically for homes with recycled elements or potentially recyclable elements. For example, a metal roof can be a major selling point for buyers looking to go green. New metal roofs may contain anywhere from 30 to 60% of recycled metal content and are 100% recyclable at the end of their service lives.

Additionally, many metal home components besides roofs can actually be more eco-friendly than you might think. During manufacturing, 100% of the scrap or unused material is recycled. The material is 100% recyclable whenever it reaches the end of its life. If you have these components in your home, draw attention to them where you can. These unique components can be what makes your property stand out from the other homes on the block.

First Impressions Matter

Finally, it’s not just the interior of your home that you should focus on when selling a green home. Sometimes, the best selling point of a green home can be the literal greenery around the home. While 90% of Americans prefer to live in homes surrounded by grass lawns, eco-friendly landscaping is on the rise across the country. Plenty of grass alternatives are available for homeowners to help their landscaping go green. Clover and even moss lawns can create a beautiful green lawn that actually requires less maintenance and water than a traditional lawn. When picking out your plants for landscaping, look for plants that take less water and maintenance to create an eco-friendly outdoor space.

While green homes can be incredibly appealing to the right buyers, not every home buyer is specifically looking for a home that’s eco-friendly. However, the many benefits of green construction and the mindful building process that goes into creating green homes can be helpful for selling them. Be sure to market the materials used in home construction, the energy savings, and of course, the curb appeal. With the many benefits of building a green home, you’re sure to be able to sell it more easily in 2020.