U14 Bentonville FC Prodigy; unforgettable moment

Kurt Austin from Sporting KC shares the intimacy of one of the best teams in MLS with Arkansas Soccer Talent. 


By: Carlos Chicas 


Thousands of children have the dream of one day playing professional soccer. Dreaming costs nothing, but the most important thing of the dream is to wake up and work for it.

Kurt Austin of Sporting KC telling history of championships of Sporting

Soccer squad U14 of the Bentonville FC Prodigy has many players who dream of one day to become professional soccer players. Last week, members of this squad enjoy a taste of what it is to be a professional footballer.


Kurt Austin, Director of Communications for the professional team Sporting KC, shares the intimacy of the Blue Hell Arkansas soccer talents.

Lalo Martinez en la silla de Sinovic

11AM. The unforgettable experience begins, many of the parents and players in this tour had never had the opportunity to visit the facilities or knew of the existence of Sporting KC, but on the Saturday after the visit, they added that they would return to witness the last game home game Peter Vermes  squad inside the Blue Hell.

Carlitos Aldahir, member of the U14’s said “the tour was an incredible experience. I am so grateful that Mr. Kurt Austin was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule, even though the team was about to travel to Dallas for his game vs Dallas FC. Being able to see everything that goes on behind the scenes before and after a game gives me an idea of what professional soccer is. The best part of this experience was to step on the field for the first time, it makes you feel like you are  part of the team. Sitting on the bench of Sporting makes you feel like a Sporting KC player. Visiting the team’s lokerroom left all of us speechless. ”


Ian Baker Ben’s father is a member Ben who is a member of the 14 Bentonville FC Prodigy, paid attention with a great deal of detail to tthe technology center used during gameday. “I was really impressed, it was a first rate facility. Kurt Austin who gave us the tour was very patient and  knowledgeable with kids who were all really excited and he was very friendly. “Mr. Baker added. Ben Baker right back of Bentonville FC Prodigy said “it was cool to see the stadium. It was cool to be in the lockerroom to see the players seats and jerseys.”


Jamie Breton, a Bentonville FC Prodigy parent added “it was an unforgettable experience, not only for the children of the team but also for the parents. You never imagine everything that is inside a stadium, everything that happens behind scenes during  game day, for our children it was an opportunity to live the life of a player on a match day. It’s a huge motivation for kids to set their goals and achieve their aspirations to be professional players. “Jamie concluded.


Omar Peralta en la silla del guardamenta Tim Melia

Javi Breton central midfielder Bentonville FC Prodigy and one of the most technical players that are being developed in Northwest Arkansas in recent years said, “Being in the same place where great players of the US National Team played was spectacular. Great players like Zlatan have arrived at this stadium, he was here a few weeks ago here, it was phenomenal. I was impressed to know how the players of Sporting KC are treated; I did not know that they receive a first class deal. I also learned everything the staff has to do during a game with a busy schedule. “Concluded Javi.


Soccer continues to grow in Arkansas. Many children begin to play this sport at an early age, and thanks to the support of their parents they manage to experience things like those experienced by the U14 Bentonville FC Prodigy at Children’s Mercy Park and that somehow serves as motivation for children like José Meza. “Jose has been playing soccer for a long time and a visit as special as this will serve as motivation to take training more seriously because he could see firsthand the place where the players concentrate and plan the game. My son left with the idea that he was sitting in the same seat where players he admires such as:  Zlatan, Giovani Dos Santos, Roger Espinoza, Graham Zusi, Diego Rubio, and Felipe Gutiérrez. “Concluded Arturo Meza.


U14 Bentonville FC Prodigy enjoyed the intimacy of Sporting KC shared by Kurt Austin, something that very few have the privilege of living.


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