What Do Employees Really Want from Their Employers?

Sales, growth, and reputation are just a few of the many things employers have to worry about when it comes to running a business. But one of the most important things employers should be focusing on in today’s society is employee satisfaction. Without happy employees, a company isn’t going to do as well as it could. In fact, one Columbia University study found that in companies with low company cultures, the likelihood of employee turnover is 48.8%. It makes sense that employees won’t stay at a company they’re not happy at. So what exactly do employees want from their employers?

For starters, recent research has found that when companies focus on their employees’ well-being, they’ll have a more engaged workforce. And while well-being focused solely on physical health, today’s employers are beginning to focus more on mental health as well.

According to media specialist Arianna Huffington, “Taking care of wellbeing in the workplace is becoming an ‘incredibly important investment’ to companies, to the point where it’s likely to be as vital as investing in technology.”

Several studies have noted that when employees have a strong well-being, they have better morale, a stronger focus on teamwork, and increased productivity. Furthermore, a study done by QC Tanner found that wellbeing leads to job satisfaction nearly doubling.

One way companies are promoting both physical and mental health in their employees is by providing wellness programs in the workplace. Wellness programs encourage healthy habits throughout the company and dedicate company time to doing things like educating on health and participating in fundraisers. Approximately 94% of survey respondents believe that art makes their workplace more welcoming and that 61% agree it also stimulates creativity.

And, of course, more and more employees are expecting better health benefits from their employers — particularly millennial employees. With the Urgent Care Associated of America stating that they see about three million patients each week, it’s more important than ever for employees to have sufficient healthcare benefits to ensure they can get the medical care they need, both in and out of the office.

Additionally, while millennials are changing the workplace in drastic ways, they’re not job-hopping as often as people think. A study that looked at engagement with truck drivers and turnover rate found that millennials were no more likely to job hop than baby boomers. However, millennial employers do show a stronger need for purpose and giving back to society in the workplace.

Interaction and engagement between employees and employers are constantly changing. Employers are needing to shift from company-focused tactics to focusing more on their employees’ needs. With research showing strong evidence of happy and healthy employees leading to more company success, today’s businesses can’t afford to neglect their employees in any way.

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