“What’s Your Dot?” Campaign Aims to End Child Abuse

Connect the dots to prevent child abuse and neglect. “What’s Your Dot?” is a new campaign introduced for April’s Child Abuse Prevention Month, where Arkansans are asked to think about what they are doing, or can do, to strengthen families and consider those actions as “dots.”
Ben Tanzer, director of communications at Prevent Child Abuse America, says when there are plenty of dots in a community, connections are made that benefit families.

“Maybe you organize a babysitting co-op in your neighborhood,” says Tanzer. “Create a book club for parents. Maybe people organize in a neighborhood to create more green space for all children and all families.”
Tanzer says another layer of the campaign is helping people understand effective child abuse prevention takes strong families and neighborhoods, along with supportive policies for parents.
Tanzer adds, in a lot of neighborhoods good things are already being done but people don’t realize the benefits or connect with each other.

“What we’d like to do is both amplify what you’re doing and get you connected to other people doing similar things,” says Tanzer. “In your neighborhood and across the country, so we can start building a movement around children and families.”
Enter details about your “dot” to prevent child abuse and neglect at ‘WhatsYourDot.org.’

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